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Welcome to my website!

You will find a lot of interesting information here, if you are interested in mountain mapping and relief representation. Be my guest here.

I should present myself first. I am a geographer and cartographer and I am working with virtual relief models and 3D Earth surface representation. My main field is something we call "mountain mapping", making maps for hikers and the climbers. You could call us mountain maniacs, and it is not far from the truth.

Last several years I am working for SkyTerrain (www.skyterrain.com) from Boulder, CO. Besides that I am engaged in making global DEM coverage project (Viewfinderpanoramas.org). The goal of this project is fixing all the missing data voids in NASA SRTM model, by means of the best topographic maps.

Enjoy the maps on the site. I hope you like it.

If you think we could collaborate, feel free to write to me. I am always open for great ideas :)

Your cartographer, Rafal Jonca

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